Breastfeeding Support

We understand that every family is different, and we will support you to give your baby the best start no matter what your circumstances or feeding choice. Whether you breastfeed fully, partially or use formula we can support you to use feeding times to develop a close and loving bond with your baby that will help them to thrive as they grow. It is well known that even a small amount of breastfeeding can bring many benefits for babies, but that it can also be really challenging for new mums for many different reasons. We do all we can to protect and support breastfeeding throughout our Children’s Centres to give every Mum who wants to the best chance of success. We want you to know that breastfeeding is always welcome at our Children’s Centres. We have Family Support Practitioners trained to support you with breastfeeding and can signpost you to more specialist help if that is required. Please do not struggle alone and reach out if you need advice, support, or have any ideas how we can help to remove barriers to breastfeeding.

Cath – Family Support Practitioner

Useful Resources

Please take a look at these videos for some support around breastfeeding your child(ren). If you need any other support, don’t hesitate to contact us