Adult Learning

Here at Central Bristol Children’s Centre, we work in partnership with other organisations such as community learning and West of England (WEA) for adults aged 19+ with few or no qualifications. Our Children’s Centre is here to support you to get the confidence and skills you need to get back into work. We provide accessible and high-quality learning opportunities for eligible adults to improve their skills and qualifications. This can benefit not only you, but also your family, and the community.

 Our courses offer the opportunity for you to:

  • Set goals towards your personal aspirations, recognise, and value your achievements
  • Grow in confidence so that you can engage effectively and contribute to your community
  • Inspire your family and friends with the pleasure and value of learning
  • See learning as a positive experience and lifelong journey, seeking to continually develop and extend your skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Develop positive routines and approaches that transfer to future learning or work

It is important to us that our learners feel welcome and safe. We want all participants in our classes to feel a sense of belonging and absolute acceptance because we believe that creating such a learning environment enables real freedom for individuals to pursue and achieve their lifelong goals and ambitions.

Gaynor – Deputy Family and Community Locality Manager

Here at Central Bristol Children’s Centres, we offer crèches alongside our parenting and targeted groups, as well as adult learning courses. The crèche is a warm space where parents can leave their child with a qualified team, usually for around 2 hours, while they get the support they need or take part in learning. We work alongside parents to support their child settle into crèche before being left and support parent’s separation from their child. The crèche team consists of myself – Charlotte, Nakeshia and Khadra. Between us, we hold years of experience and have a passion for early years and play. We aim to provide a crèche where children will feel safe, be happy, flourish, and grow.

Charlotte Smith – Crèche Coordinator